Press Review: Paulo Portas takes control of the Economy in the Government

Wednesday 24 July: After three weeks of political crisis, the leader of the CDS-PP, Paulo Portas finally gets what he wanted all along: increased power within the coalition PSD/CDS-PP Government as Deputy Prime Minister with extraordinary powers over economic policy.

Press Review — 24 July 2013 by Chris Graeme
Press Review: Paulo Portas takes control of the Economy in the Government
Jornal de Negócios

«CDS takes control of the Economy in the Government», reports Jornal de Negócios in the PSD/CDS-PP coalition Government reshuffle which sees António Pires de Lima replacing Álvaro Santos Pereira at Economy. The paper publishes an interview with a former minister of Foreign Affairs, António Monteiro, who says that Rui Machete is a good choice for the Government which now holds economic power. Rui Machete, 73, lawyer and specialist in public law, as well as a PSD stalwart, is to replace Paulo Portas as the Foreign Minister. António Pires de Lima goes to Economy and Jorge Moreira da Silva who receives part of the responsibilities held by Assunção Cristas will head the new Ministry of the Environment, Territorial Planning and Energy. Paulo Portas, as was already known, is now Deputy Prime Minister. Pedro Passos Coelho took his reshuffle list to Belém on Tuesday afternoon and the President, Aníbal Cavaco Silva raised no objections. All the signs point to a new phase in the coalition Government with Paulo Portas controlling economic affairs and António Pires de Lima at his side in the post which the CDS-PP had coveted for some time. On the other hand Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho replies to those who criticised the creation of mega-ministries – Economy loses energy and employment – the latter of which had been a heavy portfolio with all the labour policies, which now goes to Pedro Mota Soares in what has been renamed the Ministry of Welfare, Employment and Social Security.

The ministers are: Pedro Passos Coelho, Prime Minister (PSD); Paulo Portas, Deputy Prime Minister (CDS); Luís Marques Guedes, Minister to the Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs (PSD); Miguel Poiares Maduro, Deputy Minister (PSD), Maria Luís Albuquerque, Minister of Finance (PSD); Rui Machete, Minister of Foreign Affairs (PSD); José Pedro Aguiar Branco, Minister of Defence (PSD); Paula Teixeira da Cruz, Minister of Justice (PSD), Nuno Crato, Minister of Education (independent); Paulo Macedo, Minister of Health (independent); Assunção Cristas, Minister of Agriculture and Sea (PSD); Miguel Macedo, Minister of Internal Administration (PSD); António Pires de Lima, Minister of the Economy (CDS); Jorge Moreira da Silva, Minister of the Environment, Territorial Planning and Energy (PSD) and Pedro Mota Soares, Minister of Employment and Social Security (CDS).

Correio da Manhã

«Doctor blows whistle on AIDS patient», writes Correio da Manhã, in a story about a sexually active young woman who hid her HIV infection from her boyfriend, didn’t use condoms and he knew nothing about the risk he was running. The clinic has asked the Order of Doctors to investigate the case which exonerated the doctor from breaking confidentiality rules because of the circumstances.

«New Foreign Affairs minister neglects to mention his role in SLN», as the veteran PSD former minister, Rui Machete, who was once leader of the PSD party before Cavaco Silva. sat on the board of SLN, the holding company that mismanaged BPN.

«SWAPS – Minister knew all about the contracts», says Correio da Manhã as Maria Luís Albuquerque, the new Finance minister, giving evidence before a parliamentary select committee hearing allegedly knew all about the costs to the State and tax payer of the SWAPs in which huge losses were incurred after public company contracts were liquidated.
«Royal Baby shown to the world; Couple have yet to decide on the name» reports the popular daily tabloid that covers the Royal birth in the United Kingdom.


«Passos increases the position of the CDS in the Government and dismantles super ministries» reports Público, discussing the Government reshuffle in which Rui Machete takes over at the Foreign Ministry, Álvaro Santos Pereira exits Economy and is replaced by António Pires de Lima while Jorge Moreira da Silva goes to Environment.

Diário de Notícias

«Reshuffle goes ahead with Machete at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the only surprise» states Diário de Notícias in what is called a piece of history, Rui Machete returns to the Government three decades after he was last a minister with portfolio in the Central Bloc PS-PSD Mário Soares-led government while his past links with the scandal-ridden bank BPN has been conveniently whitewashed over. António Pires de Lima goes to the Economy Ministry while a source close to the outgoing minister Álvaro Santos Pereira says he was removed over “interests” and ‘palace’ backstairs intrigues. An ecologist, he takes the helm in the new portfolio of Environment, Energy and Territorial Planning. The Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, went to see the President of the Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva on Tuesday, to present his new line-up for the 19th Government since the 1974 Revolution. A press release issued on the President’s website at 8pm confirms Paulo Portas as deputy prime minister while the CDS party strengthens its position in the Government with four ministers, including Paulo Portas as deputy prime minister in a cabinet that now contains 15 ministers.

Jornal de Notícias

«Portas is the key to the new era» says Jornal de Notícias, on the Government reshuffle in which the Economy minister, Álvaro Santos Pereira, leaves the Government and President Aníbal Cavaco Silva accepts the leader of the CDS to take charge of economic issues. Veteran PSD member Rui Machete is the only surprise who takes the helm at the Foreign Ministry but has an unwelcome past on the board of SLN – the company that ran debt-ridden BPN bank. António Pires de Lima takes over at the Economy Ministry and Jorge Moreira da Silva goes to Environment, National Territorial Planning and Energy.


«CDS gains power – Paulo Portas is already Deputy Prime Minister» reports i with the appointment of Rui Machete as the big surprise at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as he becomes a Minister of State. The Government swells from 13 ministers to 15 but Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho scraps the two super ministries. Pedro Mota Soares gets Employment, Assunção Cristas loses Environment but keeps Agriculture, the former now going to Jorge Moreira da Silva.

Diário Económico

«Pires de Lima in the Government as the economy shows signs of life» as the President of the Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, finally accepts on Tuesday the reshuffle presented by Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho earlier in the month. António Pires de Lima replaces Álvaro Santos Pereira at Economy. Rui Machete is the surprise and goes to Foreign Affairs; Paulo Portas becomes Number two in the Government, as expected, and takes on tricky portfolios. Mega ministries disappear and Jorge Moreira da Silva gets Environment.

A Bola

«For God’s sake decide» says a Bola about player Cardozo who says that at the moment nothing is certain about his future and will “either leave Benfica” or “wants to get back to training”. The President of Fenerbahçe confirms that he has quit negotiations but the paper says it knows negotiations with the Turkish team are still on the table.


«Patrício wants to leave», reports Record, as Sporting refuses to take the €10 million from Monaco. Montero signs for 5 years with Sporting. The paper reports that Rui Patrício has big plans for a new project but is resigned to the possibility of staying on. The Sporting goalie had thought he would leave since his exit had been seen as certain.

O Jogo

«Ghilas will demand more from me» reports O Jogo, quoting player Jackson who says he isn’t thinking of quitting FC Porto and just wants to work. The Colombian player says he pleased with a “good contract with the Dragons

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