Azores elections: Socialists triumph in absolute majority win

The Socialist Party was the biggest winner in Sunday’s regional elections in the Azores archipelago, taking eight of the nine islands, with the Social Democrats left just with the island of Graciosa.

Politics What's New — 15 October 2012 by Marina Watson Peláez
Azores elections: Socialists triumph in absolute majority win

Vasco Cordeiro, the newly elected regional president of the Azores (Photograph: Eduardo Costa/LUSA)

The Socialist party (PS) has claimed a landslide victory in Sunday’s regional elections in the Azores after it was elected with an absolute majority and gained one more seat in the regional parliament than four years ago, taking the total number to 31, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

A new cycle is opening now, with prospects of hard work,” said Vasco Cordeiro, elected regional president of the Azores, who is about to replace the incumbent Socialist President Carlos César ruling the Azores for more than 15 years and who managed to be re-elected for several times always with a majority vote.

We should all be aware that we will overcome this period of turbulence we are experiencing together,” he added at a celebration speech at Portas da Cidade, where the victory was celebrated.

The Socialist Party (PS) elected 31 of the 57 regional MPs, while the mainland coalition parties, PSD and CDS-PP took 20 and three respectively.

Despite being defeated, the PSD also got more votes compared with 2008 and with 57 mandates, bagged 20 seats – two more than in 2008. Berta Cabral, who was top of the PSD ticket accepted the results with “democratic humility”, but said she would still take her seat in the regional parliament.

CDS-PP national leader Paulo Portas also acknowledged his party’s defeat and admitted he assumed responsibility for the “loss”.

CDS lost votes and went from 5 seats to 3. The Left Bloc also lost votes and one seat, leaving the party with one mere representative in the regional parliament. The CDU and PPM retained their only seat.

More than half the voters abstained, with only 47.9% casting their votes. The 52.1% of those who did not go to the polls meant a two percentage points decrease from 2008.

PS got 48.98% of votes, while PSD got 32.98% followed by CDS-PP with 5.67%, BE with 2.26% (2,437 votes) and the coalition PCP-PEV with 1.89% (2,041 votes).

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