Campaign: AICEP launches “Choose Portugal” promotional film (Video)

The promotional film focuses on the best that Portugal has to offer in several sectors, from tourism to business, and includes several national talents such as football manager José Mourinho, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and award-winning architect Souto de Moura.

Campaign: AICEP launches “Choose Portugal” promotional film (Video)

AIECP – Portugal’s Agency for Foreign Investment and Trade – unveils its new campaign to promote the country abroad this Wednesday, which will be presented at the Centro Cultural de Bélem in Lisbon.

The 5-minute film entitled “Choose Portugal” portrays the country as being “blessed by nature”, with “never-ending beaches”, “mountains” and “history”, and is full of Portuguese talents. The film highlights influential figures such as architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, football manager José Mourinho, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and visual artist Paula Rego.

The campaign, which is supported by national broadcaster RTP and aims at promoting the country’s potential for tourism, business and investment, shows evocative images of Lisbon, Porto and Nazaré and also draws back to the giant wave surfed by Garrett McNamara.

The promotional film ends by embracing Portugal’s business sector and mentioning the country’s wide reforms in the labour and justice sectors – showing images of Prime Minister Passos Coelho and Minister of Finance Vítor Gaspar.

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