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Statistics: Unemployment figures fall for 2nd month in a row

Statistics: Unemployment figures fall for 2nd month in a row

The unemployment rate in Portugal fell again in June to 17.4%. This is the second month in a row that the figures have been going down since peaking at 17.8% in April.

EU survey: Portuguese among the most worried and pessimistic on unemployment

Three-quarters of the Portuguese believe that the worst is yet to come, according to a study released on Tuesday by the European Commission.

Eurostat: Unemployment drops slightly in May to 17.6%

The European statistics office said that despite the slight fall, the jobless rate in Portugal is still the third highest after Spain and Greece.

Parliament: Coalition majority approves amending budget

The first alterations to the 2013 budget include a revision of the ceilings for expenses following the Constitutional Court’s rejection of cuts in workers’ subsidies.

Unemployment: Portugal’s woes deepen; 950,000 without jobs

The country’s unemployment figures have risen even further, with the number of jobless surpassing 950,000.

Economy: March unemployment 17.5%, third in EU

Portugal’s rate also showed the fourth largest year-on-year increase, after Greece, Cyprus and Spain, Eurostat said Tuesday.

Santos Pereira: Government to tackle unemployment

When asked about the 17.5% jobless rate revealed by Eurostat for February, Pereira said the government would do everything in its power to “boost the economy and investment and create jobs”.

Eurostat: Jobless rate unchanged in Portugal, as in eurozone

This is the first month since August that Portugal’s jobless rate, as calculated by Eurostat, has not risen, although it compares with a rate of 14.8% in February 2012.

IMF Abebe Selassie: Portugal’s deficit targets revised to avoid further recession

The head of the International Monetary Fund’s mission to Portugal said the country’s deficit targets had been revised to avoid further recession and unemployment.

IMF: Portugal programme on track, despite risks

Despite the economy being expected to slump further, the IMF says it still expects a recovery late in the year.