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Diplomacy: Government advises against travel to Egypt

Diplomacy: Government advises against travel to Egypt

The Portuguese government is advising its citizens not to make any “unnecessary journeys” to Egypt because of the instability in the country where the army has taken over power and deposed the first elected president.

“Two surreal political days”, writes PDV editor Vítor Matos

Portugal’s government will fall, even if it limps on for a few days or weeks. The country is rushing towards the edge of the cliff and an abyss. The main members of the Government have chucked all the hard-fought successes of the last two years into the rubbish bin at the cost of the people’s suffering.

Cabinet meeting: Government worried about post-troika period

During Saturday’s extraordinary cabinet meeting, the government discussed the reform of the state and said it is time to give the Portuguese hope, but a hope “based on realism.”

Civil service: Govt will not be paying holiday bonus in June

Public sector workers will not be receiving their holiday pay in June as is usual. The government wants to have it postponed until November, as trade unions object.

Minister of finance: ‘I have broad scope for learning from my errors”

“The programme has already ensured a broad reaching budgetary structural readjustment and the programme ensured a return to the financial markets far earlier than foreseen,” said Vítor Gaspar.

Socialists: Seguro wants the state to pay what it owes to companies

After a meeting with British Labour leader Ed Miliband, the secretary general of the Portuguese Socialist Party said it was not enough for the IMF to admit its mistakes, it also needed “to act”.

Government: Passos Coelho “proud” of these two years of work

The prime minister said that two years after the general election the Portuguese are seen as “dutiful” and “honourable”.

Public service: Govt wants state workers on 40-hour week

The document that established the new normal working hours in the public sector said “the hours open to the public should tend to last eight hours a day covering periods in the morning and afternoon.”

Crisis: The government’s “horribilis” week

The government was left without its most political minister, lost €1.3bn in the Constitutional Court, is going ahead with radical spending cuts and risks losing credit on the European front.

Resignation: Minister of education calls into question deputy minister’s degree

After the resignation of his colleague, Nuno Crato said he is convinced the university degree of outgoing Deputy Minister Miguel Relvas is not valid.