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Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

John Berrigan is the new troika mission chief for Portugal. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also said it was replacing Abebe Selassie with Subir Lall.

Statistics: Unemployment figures fall for 2nd month in a row

The unemployment rate in Portugal fell again in June to 17.4%. This is the second month in a row that the figures have been going down since peaking at 17.8% in April.

Message to our readers: Why we are supending our daily updates

Portugal Daily View will suspend its daily updates from 1 August due to financial issues but we promise to keep fighting for our project.

Government: Passos Coelho reaffirms call for “national union”

The Prime Minister has again insisted that Portugal needs a spirit of union and had admitted that the nation has a very high tax regime.

Government: Secretaries of State round off cabinet reshuffle

President Aníbal Cavaco Silva will swear in the new secretaries of state on Friday who are the last names to be announced following the midweek government reshuffle.

Analysis: Portugal’s new balance of power

Paulo Portas (conservative CDS) increases his power in a Government reshuffle but Passos Coelho (centre-right PSD) has him on a tighter political leash. It remains to be seen if the pieces of the coalition can be stuck together again.

Government: President accepts new cabinet

The junior coalition CDS-PP party has increased its power in the Government as its leader Paulo Portas becomes deputy Prime Minister and the new minister of Economy is a businessman close to Portas. The new members take office late on Wednesday.

USA Ambassador: Government might be able to go in the “right direction”

The Portuguese Government has the ability to “go in the right direction” says the US Ambassador to Lisbon, Ambassador Allan Katz, recognising that many economic problems can not just be solved in Portugal, since they are part and parcel of a European problem.

EU Statistics: Public debt climbs to 127.2% of GDP in March

Portuguese public debt was the third highest in the European Union (EU) in the first quarter of 2013, Eurostat said on Monday.

Crisis: President backtracks on coalition reshuffle

After three weeks of political crisis, the President has done a U-turn and accepted Coalition changes after Cavaco Silva had not succeeded in getting an agreement from the three parties. The PSD-CDS coalition continues.