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Promotion: Paulo Portas will continue to push for Portuguese companies abroad

Promotion: Paulo Portas will continue to push for Portuguese companies abroad

In a letter sent to companies, the recently appointed deputy prime Minister says that he will take on the coordination of economic policy and that the internationalisation of the Portuguese economy “is being strengthened with foreign policy priorities aimed at pushing Portugal’s companies and products overseas”.

Analysis: Portugal’s new balance of power

Paulo Portas (conservative CDS) increases his power in a Government reshuffle but Passos Coelho (centre-right PSD) has him on a tighter political leash. It remains to be seen if the pieces of the coalition can be stuck together again.

Government: President accepts new cabinet

The junior coalition CDS-PP party has increased its power in the Government as its leader Paulo Portas becomes deputy Prime Minister and the new minister of Economy is a businessman close to Portas. The new members take office late on Wednesday.

Salvation pact: Political crisis puts 2014 State Budget at stake

The three main Portuguese parties, the PSD, PS and CDS-PP, are still negotiating but there are disagreements over the huge €4.7bn cuts that have to be made in State spending, with voices of dissent even from amongst government officials and the Government’s majority coalition party PSD, putting next year’s budget at stake.

Parliament: PM accepts President’s invitation to negotiate a national pact

Pedro Passos Coelho said he will not quit and is willing to negotiate the “pact of national salvation” put forward by the Portuguese President. But the leader of the main opposition PS party is demanding a renegotiation of the bailout.

Political crisis: President calls in major parties after ‘national salvation’ appeal

Cavaco Silva held separate meetings with the leaders of the opposition Socialist Party and of the CDS-PP, the junior partner in the governing coalition, and with the prime minister to seek an agreement for “national salvation”.

Analysis: President plays for high stakes

The President’s solution for Portugal’s political crisis could open up a can of worms and create a worse crisis. No one could have imagined that Aníbal Cavaco Silva would throw out the coalition deal brokered on Saturday.

Political crises: Cavaco to address the nation on Wednesday evening

Cavaco Silva is expected to announce names in Government reshuffle ending days of speculation. The president is to address the country at 8.30pm

Paulo Portas: Government stability is secured

Paulo Portas emphasises job creation and helping businesses as solid agreement secured .

Political crisis: President starts party talks to resolve political crisis

President Aníbal Cavaco Silva is to start talks on Monday with the political parties that have seats in parliament having basically three options: accept the government proposal, call snap elections or ask the coalition for another proposal.