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Press Review: Government plans to slash business tax to 17% by 2018

Wednesday, 31 July: In a bid to make Portugal competitive and attractive to foreign companies, the PSD-CDS coalition is aiming to cut taxes drastically making the country a tax paradise like Holland and Luxemburg.

Press Review: Government moves to liquidate 15,000 public sector posts

Tuesday, 30 July: Fifteen thousand low-qualified State workers have two months in September and November to accept an amicable split with the Portuguese civil service and get benefits or be fired.

Press Review: The Portuguese are €792 worse off this year thanks to austerity

Monday, 29 July: As the effects of the Government’s austerity policies continue to bite, each Portuguese citizen will be €792 worse off this year because of soaring taxes and falling incomes.

Press review: E-mail and Excel file points to Minister’s knowledge of SWAPS scandal

Friday, 27 July: It has emerged that an e-mail detailing the 145 debt-ridden public companies that badly managed their SWAP contracts got hugely in debt and the minister at the Treasury at the time, Maria Luís Albuquerque, who is now the Minister of Finance, claimed she knew little about the problem.

Press review: Banks in slim-down operation set to shed staff

Thursday, 25 July: Portuguese banks involved in a major restructuring programme encouraged by the European Commission will have to shed jobs and close branches. BPI plans to shut 21 agencies by the end of 2014 and get rid of 363 staff.

Press review: Markets cut Portugal no slack after crisis jitters

Tuesday, 23 July: International markets and investors will show zero tolerance to Portugal after it was spooked by three weeks of political crisis which ended on Sunday.

Press review: Markets react positively as the President of the Republic ends political crisis

Monday, 22 July: The President of the Republic has backtracked and accepted the PSD-CDS-PP coalition Government with conditions after a week of tri-party horse trading between the parties that signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the ‘troika’ in 2011 failed to reach a political consensus for a ‘National Salvation’ accord.

Press review: Soares warns that a “Salvation” compromise will split the Socialists

Thursday, 18 July: Former Portuguese President and PS Party stalwart Mário Soares has warned that attempting to accommodate the coalition Government’s policy in shaving €4.7bn in cuts off Government expenditure will split the PS party

Press review: State reforms will push Portugal into recession says BDP

Wednesday, 17 July: Tough ‘troika’-imposed State reforms are likely to cause the Portuguese economy to all but grind to a halt next year warns the Bank of Portugal in its summer bulletin.

Press review: Cavaco Silva appoints watchdog for cross-party negotiations

Tuesday, 16 July: The President Aníbal Cavaco Silva appoints David Justino his secretary to inform the Head of State about the negotiations between the PSD, CDS and PS parties that make up the new ‘National Salvation’ caretaker government.