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Press review: State reforms will push Portugal into recession says BDP

Wednesday, 17 July: Tough ‘troika’-imposed State reforms are likely to cause the Portuguese economy to all but grind to a halt next year warns the Bank of Portugal in its summer bulletin.

Press review: Cavaco Silva appoints watchdog for cross-party negotiations

Tuesday, 16 July: The President Aníbal Cavaco Silva appoints David Justino his secretary to inform the Head of State about the negotiations between the PSD, CDS and PS parties that make up the new ‘National Salvation’ caretaker government.

Salvation pact: Political crisis puts 2014 State Budget at stake

The three main Portuguese parties, the PSD, PS and CDS-PP, are still negotiating but there are disagreements over the huge €4.7bn cuts that have to be made in State spending, with voices of dissent even from amongst government officials and the Government’s majority coalition party PSD, putting next year’s budget at stake.

Press review: “Snap elections would be the worst possible scenario” warns PSD economist

Monday, 15 July: Passos Coelho will have legitimacy to continue even if PS refuses to get into ‘national salvation’ lifeboat says Government adviser and economist Eduardo Catroga who was a one-time Finance minister for President Cavaco Silva when prime minister.

Press Review: Get rid of the damn lot of them!, says Júdice

Friday, 12 July: Businessman José Miguel Júdice says Portugal’s democracy is rotten and the political parties need to be swept away. He suggests a Coup or Revolution with a presidential-style government leadership.

Press review: New minister of Finance accused of lying to Parliament

Thursday, 11 July: “She’s lying!” former Minister of Finance Teixeira dos Santos said accusing the new Minister of Finance Maria Luís Albuquerque of lying to Parliament in the swaps inquiry committee.

Press review: Paulo Portas seeks to slash size and speed of cuts

Tuesday, 9 July: The government wants a softer and less brutal approach to reforming the State saying that savage cuts of €4.7bn are not achievable in such a short space of time, wanting now to renegotiate an adjustment to both the extent and speed of the cuts with the ‘troika’, reports Diário Económico.

Press Review: Can Portugal’s new fin min reassure Euro colleagues at Ecofin début?

Monday, 8 July: New Finance Minister walking impossible tightrope as she tries to convince her Ecofin colleagues in Brussels that it is business as usual, while Portas pushes for a U-turn on Government financial policy by relaxing austerity and pushing for job-creating investment.

Press Review: Gaspar should have known his resignation would cause chaos says PSD veteran

Friday, 5 July: The Finance Minister Vítor Gaspar’s resignation was because the state of the nation’s finances were “far worse” than the Government had let on according to former PSD leader and one-time finance minister Manuela Ferreira Leite who weighed in with her take on the political crisis in Portugal

Press review – Paulo Portas holds Government to ransom demanding more power and a reshuffle

Former Portuguese Foreign Minister, Paulo Portas is apparently using his resignation threat to leverage a Government reshuffle and more power within the fragile PSD-CDS coalition government reports newspapers i and Jornal de Negócios as the minister basically blackmails the prime minister into dancing to his tune.