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Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

John Berrigan is the new troika mission chief for Portugal. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also said it was replacing Abebe Selassie with Subir Lall.

Bailout: Gov’t postpones 8th troika assessment until Aug/Sept

Given the current political situation, the Government has asked to postpone the 8th and 9th regular assessments now scheduled for August/early September.

Bailout: IMF ‘in talks’ with Lisbon authorities on date of next review

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said that officials were discussing with Lisbon the “exact timing” of the mission’s next visit. The review was to have started on 15 July.

Moody’s: Portugal with better chances of achieving targets

The credit rating agency said on Monday that Portugal should be able to achieve its revised fiscal targets for 2013 and 2014, as it expects its economy to stabilise until the end of the year.

Dilma Rousseff: Brazil president pledges ‘solidarity’, favours closer economic ties

“Brazil is following closely the effort of the Portuguese people to overcome a challenging economic circumstance,” Dilma Rousseff said in a toast at the Palace of Queluz near Lisbon

Socialists: Seguro wants the state to pay what it owes to companies

After a meeting with British Labour leader Ed Miliband, the secretary general of the Portuguese Socialist Party said it was not enough for the IMF to admit its mistakes, it also needed “to act”.

Bailout: IMF board to discuss 7th quarterly bailout review on 12 June

If the board votes to approve the assessment by the so-called troika, as expected, that makes possible the disbursement of the eighth tranche of the bailout loan guarantees. The Eurogroup will discuss the results of the seventh review on 20 June.

Bailout: Troika returns Tuesday after PM announces €4.8bn cuts

The Ministry of Finance said the troika would be in Lisbon “from Tuesday” to assess the latest austerity measures announced by Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho Friday.

IMF Abebe Selassie: Portugal’s deficit targets revised to avoid further recession

The head of the International Monetary Fund’s mission to Portugal said the country’s deficit targets had been revised to avoid further recession and unemployment.

IMF: Portugal programme on track, despite risks

Despite the economy being expected to slump further, the IMF says it still expects a recovery late in the year.