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European Union: EC gives green-light to bank restructuring

European Union: EC gives green-light to bank restructuring

The European Commission approved the plans regarding CGD and BPI and had reached an agreement with the Portuguese authorities about the plan to restructure BCP.

Bailout: Brussels denies negotiations for further financial aid

The Spanish newspaper El País reported Lisbon was negocatiating further financial aid with the European Commission, but the news was denied by the EU.

Press Review – EU Comissioner not fazed by new Lisbon finance appointment

Tuesday, 2 July: “Maintain the same firm and constant path” is the advice from European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn to new Portuguese finance minister, Maria Luís Albuquerque who takes over from Vítor Gaspar after his resignation on Monday.

Privatisations: Brussels gives ANA airport sale the all-clear

The privatisation of 95% of ANA, retaining the remaining 5% for employees, brought in €3.08bn to the state coffers.

President: Portugal needs sign that it can benefit from ECB

During an official visit to European institutions, President Cavaco Silva also appealed to Portugal’s EU partners for help.

Budget: EC recommends an extra year to cut deficit

The new targets proposed by the European Commission for Portugal are 5.5% for this year, 4% for next year and 2.5% for 2015.

European Commission: Portugal’s economic slowdown stronger than expected

The EC forecasts for 2013 paint a bleaker picture for Portugal, with the economy expected to contract by 2.3% this year after a previous estimate of a 1.9% slowdown.

President: International media sent out wrong message on court decision

According to President Cavaco Silva, the media played a role in “spreading” the notion that the Constitutional Court’s decision meant that a no-confidence vote against the government had been approved.

Bailout: Troika assessment affected by court decision

The European Commission said that the results of the 7th troika assessment depended on the measures the Portuguese government will adopt to get round the Constitutional Court’s decision.

European Commission: President Barroso not ruling out another term

At a news conference in Vienna, Barroso said he did not rule out another term in his current post.