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Survey: Portugal below European average in tolerance to LGBT community

Survey: Portugal below European average in tolerance to LGBT community

In an internet-based survey, 51% of Portuguese citizens self-identifying themselves as members of the LGBT community expressed having experienced discrimination or harassment over the last year due to their sexual orientation against a European Union average of 47%.

Eurostat: Jobs fall 4.3% in last quarter

Year-on-year figures show Portugal registered the fifth biggest drop among member states, Eurostat said.

Foreign minister: European unity requires more than “simplistic speeches”

Minister for Foreign Affairs Paulo Portas says it is not “historically” valid to claim that “there is one Europe to the north, packed with virtues, and another to the south overflowing with defects.”

Study: Portuguese pro-European without knowing why

A study by Eurobarometer found that only 35% of Portuguese citizens knew about the rights that come along with European Union membership, despite most people claiming they were pro-European.

Cars: Commercial vehicle registrations halved in Portugal

The European Automobile Construction Association said the registration of new commercial vehicles plummeted an annualised 52% over the first ten months of this year, putting Portugal on the top of the list of vehicle sale contractions in Europe.

Report: ECB praises labour reforms in crisis-hit countries

The European Central Bank praised labour market reforms enacted in Portugal, describing them as “important to increase flexibility in labour negotiations and reduce excessive job protection.”

Guimarães 2012: Capital of Culture unlocks EU funds

The budget for cultural programming under the European Capital of Culture is €25m, with €18m of that to come from EU funds.

Bailout: ‘Troika’ to assess Lisbon’s performance next week

Positive marks from the EC-ECB-IMF team would clear the way for a new disbursement of some €4.3bn in troika funds, but the mission will also have to assess the impact the shortfall in tax revenues will have on the fulfilment of the 4.5% deficit target agreed to last year.

Crisis: President urges ECB to start buying Portuguese and Irish bonds now

The Portuguese president is calling for immediate action from the ECB.

Bailout: ECB vice-president believes deadline will be met

Vítor Constâncio is confident that Portugal will meet its deadlines since the international assistance programme for Portugal seems to be on the right track.