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Debt: Portugal sells €1.5bn in T-bills with yields pressuring

Debt: Portugal sells €1.5bn in T-bills with yields pressuring

The country auctioned he maximum it was aiming for, paying higher yields on the five- and 12-month T-bills than in previous operations with similar maturities.

Minister of finance: Return to markets above expectations

The government will continue to issue T-bills “in the usual form” to guarantee that the conditions to return to the markets in the post-troika period are met. On the way to meeting the budgetary targets, the government released data that show an increase in tax receipts in May.

Debt: Yields rising over all maturities

The yields on Portuguese sovereign debt were rising in all maturities this Thursday, one day after the country sold another €1.5bn in T-bills.

Debt: Portugal raises €1.5bn at higher interest

At this morning’s auction of six- and 18-month Treasury bills, interest increased to 1.041% and 1.603%, respectively. This operation took place on the same day that the Ministry of Finance announced that a troika delegation will arrive in Lisbon on Monday.

Debt: Portugal sells €1.5bn in T-bills, mixed yields

The Portuguese treasury auctioned €1.2bn in 18-month bills and €300m in three-month debt sending mixed signs. This is the first auction after the country’s international creditors gave it one more year to meet its budget targets.

Fitch: Portugal risks additional funding support

In a report released Friday, the rating agency says that Portugal’s return to markets is a positive step but that economic and political risks still remain. Fitch also says that the country won’t gain full market access before the end of the bailout and will need additional funding support and a new programme.

Return to markets: Sale of €2.5bn in bonds seen as milestone (UPDATE)

Bailed-out Portugal has made a successful earlier-than-expected return to bond markets, with strong demand by foreign investors. Secretary of State for the Treasury Maria Luís Albuquerque said this was only possible because the country had met all the commitments taken on under its bailout programme.

Economy: Public debt over 120%

Portuguese public debt is now the third highest in the European Union.

European funds: PM refuses development based on debt spiral

Prime Minister Passos Coelho wants Portugal to “grow faster than the average of the past 12 years in the coming ones”, by making the most of European funds and sustainable investments.

Banking: BES places €500m in five-year bonds

An official source at BES said demand was €3bn and the issue had been placed with 280 investors, mainly from the UK (38%) and Portugal (10%).