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European Union: EC gives green-light to bank restructuring

European Union: EC gives green-light to bank restructuring

The European Commission approved the plans regarding CGD and BPI and had reached an agreement with the Portuguese authorities about the plan to restructure BCP.

Press Review – EU Comissioner not fazed by new Lisbon finance appointment

Tuesday, 2 July: “Maintain the same firm and constant path” is the advice from European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn to new Portuguese finance minister, Maria Luís Albuquerque who takes over from Vítor Gaspar after his resignation on Monday.

Investigation: Barclays’ head in Portugal suspended

The head of Barclays in Portugal, Peter Mottek, and three other members of the executive committee have been suspended from duties until the conclusion of an internal investigation of the bank that is done alongside the investigation of the national competition authority for allegedly operating in a cartel-like manner.

Banks: Americans buy up credit, avoid tax

Two societies belonging to the Bank of America (Investments LLC and Overseas) were sold over €838m in default credit from Portuguese banks CGD, Millennium BCP and Santander Totta between 2005 and 2010.

Euro crisis: Anger over Cyprus levy spreads to Portugal

The decision to tax bank deposits in Cyprus in return for a bailout has sent euro and bond markets falling, sparking fears among Portuguese politicians. Portuguese President Cavaco Silva said the move was “very dangerous.”

Investigation: Portuguese banks suspected of cartel behaviour

The Public Prosecutor’s Office says Portuguese banks are under investigation for allegedly operating in a cartel-like manner regarding spreads and loan commissions.

Earnings: Banking sector loses over €1bn in 2012

After record losses in 2011, when only Santander Totta managed to stay in the black, 2012 was expected to be rosier, but not everyone managed to make a profit.

Redundancies: BCP bank to cut 250 workers a year

Banco Comercial Português CEO Nuno Amado said Friday almost 1,000 workers had left this year, more than 600 by mutual agreement and there would be “a natural reduction of 200 to 250 people a year.”

Banks: Government ‘makes’ private banks accept public money

Three banks have asked for state funding to ensure their capital ratios were in order: Banco Comercial Português (BCP), Banco Português de Investimento (BPI) and Banif.

Banking: BES places €500m in five-year bonds

An official source at BES said demand was €3bn and the issue had been placed with 280 investors, mainly from the UK (38%) and Portugal (10%).