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Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

Bailout: New Portugal mission chief appointed in troika reshuffle

John Berrigan is the new troika mission chief for Portugal. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also said it was replacing Abebe Selassie with Subir Lall.

Crisis: Parties have one week to conclude talks on national salvation pact

After President Cavaco Silva’s appeal, representatives of the three main parties met for the first time on Sunday and promised to conclude negotiations by 21 July.

Parliament: PM accepts President’s invitation to negotiate a national pact

Pedro Passos Coelho said he will not quit and is willing to negotiate the “pact of national salvation” put forward by the Portuguese President. But the leader of the main opposition PS party is demanding a renegotiation of the bailout.

Bailout: Gov’t postpones 8th troika assessment until Aug/Sept

Given the current political situation, the Government has asked to postpone the 8th and 9th regular assessments now scheduled for August/early September.

Political crisis: President calls in major parties after ‘national salvation’ appeal

Cavaco Silva held separate meetings with the leaders of the opposition Socialist Party and of the CDS-PP, the junior partner in the governing coalition, and with the prime minister to seek an agreement for “national salvation”.

Bailout: IMF ‘in talks’ with Lisbon authorities on date of next review

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said that officials were discussing with Lisbon the “exact timing” of the mission’s next visit. The review was to have started on 15 July.

Analysis: President plays for high stakes

The President’s solution for Portugal’s political crisis could open up a can of worms and create a worse crisis. No one could have imagined that Aníbal Cavaco Silva would throw out the coalition deal brokered on Saturday.

Bailout: Brussels denies negotiations for further financial aid

The Spanish newspaper El País reported Lisbon was negocatiating further financial aid with the European Commission, but the news was denied by the EU.

“Two surreal political days”, writes PDV editor Vítor Matos

Portugal’s government will fall, even if it limps on for a few days or weeks. The country is rushing towards the edge of the cliff and an abyss. The main members of the Government have chucked all the hard-fought successes of the last two years into the rubbish bin at the cost of the people’s suffering.

Street protests expected for fourth general strike under government

Protests against the centre-right coalition government’s policies are being planned around the country for Thursday, the day of the fourth general strike since the government took office. Public transport is expected to be among the worst affected sectors.