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Analysis: Can all the King’s horses and all the King’s men put back the pieces together again?

Analysis: Can all the King’s horses and all the King’s men put back the pieces together again?

It’s not the Portuguese that are mad. It’s the Government leaders. Just why the combined personalities of Passos Coelho and Paulo Portas are more destructive than 100,000 Greek demonstrators put together!

“Two surreal political days”, writes PDV editor Vítor Matos

Portugal’s government will fall, even if it limps on for a few days or weeks. The country is rushing towards the edge of the cliff and an abyss. The main members of the Government have chucked all the hard-fought successes of the last two years into the rubbish bin at the cost of the people’s suffering.

General strike: Unions claim strong participation; Govt says country didn’t stop

In the aftermath of the general strike, unions speak of a strong participation, but the government claims the country did not stop. The attempt to cut off one of the main access roads to the 25 April bridge in Lisbon was the incident that marked the day. Passengers at Lisbon Airport are still feeling the effects of the strike.

Austerity: Two years under troika rule

Austerity seems to have left Portugal worse off than it was before seeking out a bailout in 2011, despite the country’s successful return to the bond markets.

Street protests expected for fourth general strike under government

Protests against the centre-right coalition government’s policies are being planned around the country for Thursday, the day of the fourth general strike since the government took office. Public transport is expected to be among the worst affected sectors.

General strike: Portugal expecting disruption of services Thursday

The general strike called for 27 June is the fourth in the last two years, uniting trade union confederations CGTP and UGT in protest against stricter austerity measures.

Education: Teachers’ strike puts 75,000 exams at risk today

Teachers at war with the government have called a strike for exams day this Monday. The teachers are protesting against the geographic mobility scheme and longer working hours.

Minister of finance: ‘I have broad scope for learning from my errors”

“The programme has already ensured a broad reaching budgetary structural readjustment and the programme ensured a return to the financial markets far earlier than foreseen,” said Vítor Gaspar.

Political parties: President hails efforts to achieve consensus

Cavaco Silva said it is up to political parties to negotiate agreements that can make it possible to improve Portugal’s economic and social situation.

Protests: June general strike picking up support

Trade union confederations UGT and CGTP will join efforts for the general strike convened for 27 June which seem to be gaining in consensus across the public sector.