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Weather: Portugal to see temperatures close to 40C

Weather: Portugal to see temperatures close to 40C

The arrival of summer has sent temperatures soaring in continental Portugal, with Lisbon surpassing 35C.

HIPPOtrip: Big water and land adventure in Lisbon (video)

PDV went to check out Lisbon’s most recent tour company. What at first looks like an ordinary school bus soon reveals an adventurous twist, as it plunges into the waters of the Tagus, offering sightseers the opportunity to see the city both from land and water.

Video by Magda Wallmont

Azores: Strike at airline SATA ‘near total’, affects major events

The action was called in protest at SATA’s failure to implement an accord the unions have already signed with national airline TAP. The first stage of the strike coincides with the Rally Azores and the second with the Santo Christo Feast – one of the Azores’ most important religious festivals.

Campaign: AICEP launches “Choose Portugal” promotional film (Video)

The promotional film focuses on the best that Portugal has to offer in several sectors, from tourism to business, and includes several national talents such as football manager José Mourinho, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and award-winning architect Souto de Moura.

Nazaré: The world’s new big-wave Mecca

Foreigners could be starting to wake up to Nazaré’s potential thanks to American surfer Garrett McNamara, who recently caught there the world’s biggest wave.

Museums: The Lisboa Story Centre brings the city’s history to life

The Lisboa Story Centre takes you on a audio-sensorial experience spanning 20 centuries of the city’s history. The most dramatic experience comes with a film about the great earthquake of 1755.

Museu da Cerveja: Welcome to Lisbon’s beer paradise

The building that once housed Portugal’s Ministry of Finance is now the Beer Museum – where you can taste some of the finest brews not only from Portugal but also from Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. PDV takes you on a short tippling tour of this pint paradise in central Lisbon.

Innovation: New Coca-Cola design takes Portugal by storm

Ivity Brand Corp project manager Ana Martins says the objective was to cheer the Portuguese up amid the country’s pessimistic climate.

Trip Advisor ranking: Lisbon clinches first place for friendly locals and best value for money

According to leading travel website Trip Advisor, head to Lisbon and let the friendly locals show you around. And forget sky high prices.

Motorways: Toll system for foreign cars sees strong take-up

The new payment system of electronic tolls for foreign-licensed cars, dubbed ‘EasyToll’, has seen 131,000 sign up since it was rolled out on 1 July.