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Conserveira de Lisboa: Living history in a tin (video)

Conserveira de Lisboa: Living history in a tin (video)

To celebrate its 80 years of existence, Conserveira is inviting Portuguese artists to take part in a project called ‘Music with Tins’.
By Magda Wallmont

HIPPOtrip: Big water and land adventure in Lisbon (video)

PDV went to check out Lisbon’s most recent tour company. What at first looks like an ordinary school bus soon reveals an adventurous twist, as it plunges into the waters of the Tagus, offering sightseers the opportunity to see the city both from land and water.

Video by Magda Wallmont

Campaign: AICEP launches “Choose Portugal” promotional film (Video)

The promotional film focuses on the best that Portugal has to offer in several sectors, from tourism to business, and includes several national talents such as football manager José Mourinho, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and award-winning architect Souto de Moura.

Tourism: Pedras Salgadas eco-resort clinches building of the year award

The Pedras Salgadas eco-resort is located between Vila Real and Chaves, north Portugal and was completed to the highest ecological standards.

Street art: Portraits of Lisbon’s elderly (Video)

English photographer Camilla Watson stumbled on Lisbon six years ago on her way to São Tomé and Príncipe, where she came up with a unique display of portraits of the elderly on derelict walls, printed around the medieval alleyways of Beco das Farinhas.
By Magda Wallmont

Luvaria Ulisses: Lisbon’s classiest glove shop (Video)

What business could fit in a space this small? Gloves, of course. Since 1925, Lisbon’s Ulisses glove shop in Chiado has remained almost intact, focusing on classic, hand-made gloves, where quality is essential. And its customers are top-notch too.

By Magda Wallmont

Funiculars: Masterpieces for travelling around Lisbon (video)

Funiculars are considered masterpieces of engineering and are essential to getting around in Lisbon, the city known for its seven hills. Lavra, Glória, Bica and Carmo are four splendid alternatives for travelling around its picturesque neighbourhoods with style and ease.

By Magda Wallmont

A Vida Portuguesa: an unexpected, quaint store in Lisbon (video)

Everything began with a reporter’s investigation. Catarina Portas wanted to know more about Portuguese daily life in the 20th century and ended opening a store in Lisbon where some of the country’s most iconic products can be found, telling stories and bringing back memories.

By Magda Wallmont

Chestnuts: A sign of autumn (video)

The unmistakable smell of roast chestnuts is a sign that autumn has arrived in Lisbon. Typically eaten to celebrate Saint Martin’s day on 11 November, this is a tradition that goes far beyond that special day. Make sure you don’t miss buying a dozen ‘castanhas’ (chestnuts) from a street vendor on your next visit to Lisbon.

By Magda Wallmont

Slideshow: Portuguese take to streets against austerity

On Saturday thousands of Portuguese took to the streets in several cities across the country in protest against the new austerity measures announced by the government.