Museums: The Lisboa Story Centre brings the city’s history to life

Museums: The Lisboa Story Centre brings the city’s history to life

The Lisboa Story Centre takes you on a audio-sensorial experience spanning 20 centuries of the city’s history. The most dramatic experience comes with a film about the great earthquake of 1755.

Museu da Cerveja: Welcome to Lisbon’s beer paradise

The building that once housed Portugal’s Ministry of Finance is now the Beer Museum – where you can taste some of the finest brews not only from Portugal but also from Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. PDV takes you on a short tippling tour of this pint paradise in central Lisbon.

Castle of St George: The key to Lisbon’s soul

The Castle of St George is an archaeological cluster, a palate of cultural diversity reflecting centuries of change and adaptations. In short, it’s a symbol of Lisbon that can be seen from every point in the city and marks the first recorded human occupation of the city.

Museu da Electricidade: A different voyage into the past and future of energy

The huge thermoelectrical plant that supplied Lisbon in the old days now houses temporary art exhibitions, science experiments and offers visitors a different voyage into the past and present of electricity production.

Museu do Chiado: Contemporary art in central Lisbon

The terrace in the sculpture garden may be one of the most fashionable places to have a cup of coffee or a spot of lunch in central Lisbon, but it is certainly not all there is to see at the Museu do Chiado – National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC).

Museu do Azulejo: Rediscovering a piece of forgotten history

A new research and inventorying project is bringing back to light tiles which have been stored in boxes for centuries, some of which are now displayed in the new exhibition of the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum), a place to discover the history of a Portuguese cultural icon and more.

Museum: MUDE, the history of design and fashion in central Lisbon

More than a mere place, the MUDE Design and Fashion Museum in Lisbon is also a time in history: a museum where you can discover the objects that helped define the 20th century.

Fundação Saramago: Pilar del Río guides us through the Nobel laureate’s new home

Casa dos Bicos, a 500 year-old Renaissance building in the centre of Lisbon, has been converted into the headquarters of the foundation that oversees the legacy of the late writer and Nobel Prize laureate José Saramago. His widow Pilar del Río spoke with PDV about its mission.

Museu do Oriente: East meets West in central Lisbon

A voyage across the world and the ages at the Museu do Oriente, where you can discover the treasures of Asian cultures and their interaction with the Portuguese throughout the centuries.

By Andrea Duarte

Fado Museum: A tribute to Lisbon’s song

A tribute to Fado and its promoters, this exhibit invites you to discover the history of the Lisbon’s urban song, from its origins up to the present with a unique body of collections.