Barry Hatton: “The Portuguese are starting to despair”

Barry Hatton: “The Portuguese are starting to despair”

PDV caught up with the British author and local correspondent for the Associated Press who has called Portugal home for over 25 years, sharing his insight on the country, its people and what makes it worthwhile living here despite the centuries-old crisis.

HIPPOtrip: Big water and land adventure in Lisbon (video)

PDV went to check out Lisbon’s most recent tour company. What at first looks like an ordinary school bus soon reveals an adventurous twist, as it plunges into the waters of the Tagus, offering sightseers the opportunity to see the city both from land and water.

Video by Magda Wallmont

Political crisis: President convenes Council of State

The meeting of the advisory body has been called for Monday 20 May, with the objective of discussing “the perspectives of Portugal’s post-troika economy”.

Tourism: Pedras Salgadas eco-resort clinches building of the year award

The Pedras Salgadas eco-resort is located between Vila Real and Chaves, north Portugal and was completed to the highest ecological standards.

Museums: The Lisboa Story Centre brings the city’s history to life

The Lisboa Story Centre takes you on a audio-sensorial experience spanning 20 centuries of the city’s history. The most dramatic experience comes with a film about the great earthquake of 1755.

Museu da Cerveja: Welcome to Lisbon’s beer paradise

The building that once housed Portugal’s Ministry of Finance is now the Beer Museum – where you can taste some of the finest brews not only from Portugal but also from Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. PDV takes you on a short tippling tour of this pint paradise in central Lisbon.

Christmas: Portugal’s love affair with codfish

Eating “bacalhau” at Christmas is one of Portugal’s most deeply rooted traditions, but wouldn’t it be sad to see such a long-lasting tradition die out? With the help of leading Portuguese chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, PDV shows you how codfish can be made into an innovative, contemporary dish.

Castle of St George: The key to Lisbon’s soul

The Castle of St George is an archaeological cluster, a palate of cultural diversity reflecting centuries of change and adaptations. In short, it’s a symbol of Lisbon that can be seen from every point in the city and marks the first recorded human occupation of the city.

Made in Portugal: Exponor fair awards top Portuguese companies

The international industry fair held at Porto’s Exponor displayed some of the world’s most innovative machines, equipments and services made in Portugal.

Chancellor Merkel: Face of austerity comes to Portugal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be visiting Portugal next Monday, 12 November, to meet President Aníbal Cavaco Silva and Prime Minister Passos Coelho. Social Democratic MEP Paulo Rangel says it is an opportunity to find more moderate solutions.