Culture: Top artist Vasconcelos opens newest exhibition in Majorca

Culture: Top artist Vasconcelos opens newest exhibition in Majorca

Portuguese contemporary artist Joana Vasconcelos brought together a recent nucleus of sculptures that combine materials like glazed tiles, crochet and Murano glass.

Heritage: Coimbra UNESCO status welcomed for prestige, boost to tourism

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee decided that the University of Coimbra has unquestionable exceptional universal value and that therefore deserved to be classed as World Heritage.

Music: Summer festivals thrive in face of economic crisis

Next month brings five major festivals. In Algés, Optimus Alive from 12 to 14 July brings big foreign names such as Depeche Mode, Green Day and Editors as well as Portuguese favourites such as O’queStrada.

Hugo Veiga: The man behind the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign

Hugo Viega is the man behind the latest commercial campaign for Dove – the most viral online video campaign ever. He told PDV how he believes women should be more confident about their looks.

Expats: Setting down roots in crisis-ridden Portugal

Choosing a remote corner of Europe as your home amidst an ongoing financial crisis can seem strange, especially if you come from a more prosperous country like the UK or Australia. PDV asked three expats who have recently taken the plunge about what attracted them to Portugal.

Art: Record numbers for Vasconcelos exhibition

The exhibition features around 40 works by Joana Vasconcelos dotted around the former royal household and features “The Bride”, “Independent Heart” and “Marilyn.”

Survey: Portugal below European average in tolerance to LGBT community

In an internet-based survey, 51% of Portuguese citizens self-identifying themselves as members of the LGBT community expressed having experienced discrimination or harassment over the last year due to their sexual orientation against a European Union average of 47%.

Barry Hatton: “The Portuguese are starting to despair”

PDV caught up with the British author and local correspondent for the Associated Press who has called Portugal home for over 25 years, sharing his insight on the country, its people and what makes it worthwhile living here despite the centuries-old crisis.

Madeira: Flower Festival takes off on main avenue

The fair includes live demonstrations of local products by nine craftsmen and a gastronomy exhibition.

Industry: Proposed tourism levy ‘serious threat’ to sector

The Tourism Confederation of Portugal on Wednesday rejected a proposal by the municipalities to levy a local tax on revenues from lodging.