About us

Portugal Daily View

Portugal Daily View (PDV) is a daily magazine about Portugal written in English, covering daily news, current affairs and features in the areas of Politics, Economics, Business, Culture, Sports and Leisure on a multimedia platform. It also includes photo slide shows, videos and a list of associated blogs promoting opinion and discussion.

Our aim is to provide people from around the world access to accurate and reliable news and information about Portugal, in order to inform on the current state of affairs regarding the country and its people, covering a variety of topics and subjects.

Portugal Daily View is produced and published by Webtexto.


Created in year 2000 by five journalists, Webtexto was founded in Lisbon, Portugal, during the internet boom with the aim of producing content for the web. Webtexto has been working throughout the years with several companies and partners always retaining its focus on editorial and independent content written by journalists. Webtexto has been working with the international news agency Dow Jones Newswires since 2003, producing the Portuguese newsfeed DJ Bolsa and more recently the FX Portuguese service, an exclusive service only available to subscribers. The company has at present two partners, journalists Vítor Matos and Blandina Costa, and Portugal Daily View is its most recent project.

Editorial Guidelines and Tenets

  • PDV is a generalist and pluralist news medium, with no political or religious affiliation, with the mission and duty of informing readers from all over the world on topics regarding Portugal;
  • PDV is focussed on covering all subjects and themes related to Portuguese society and aims to chronicle and communicate the country’s reality abroad in terms of news coverage pertaining to current affairs, history and heritage, and tourist potential;
  • PDV believes in liberal democracy, in individual freedom, in the values that guide the freedom of the press and the rights and duties of free speech;
  • PDV strictly follows journalistic criteria and its conduct is guided by the Portuguese Journalists’ Ethical Code of Practice;
  • PDV clearly distinguishes news and features published on the website from opinion and comment published on one of its associated and guest blogs, yet retains the right of publishing opinion and comment in its editorials or in blogs associated with the website, authored by its editors or journalists;
  • PDV respects the right to privacy of the people who are the subject of its news coverage, especially in what concerns children or people who are in a situation of physical or psychological frailty.
  • PDV believes that the relationship with sources of information is guided by trust and the principle that guarantees their confidentiality if that is their express wish;
  • PDV understands that one of the noblest duties of journalism is to scrutinise all forms of power, whether political, economic or other;
  • PDV’s mission is to contribute towards a better understanding and knowledge of Portugal in the world.